Performing arts

For years, Blackbulb Imagery has been an industry leader for many genres of performing arts.  Working for many years as a media representative at the Lifestyle Expo "SEXPO", as a freelance, contracted, and assistant photographer.  We have developed an impenetrable rapport with many of the nations best stage performers and adult entertainers. 


In addition to this, we have worked amongst some of the most talented burlesque dancers, producers, and choreographers in Australia.  Covering such shows as Burlesque Idol, Temptresses of Tease, and the Martini Lounge, covering areas such as my hometown of Newcastle, down to Melbourne, out to Canberra, and many an occasion through Sydney.

You would also often see, smashed amongst a raging crowd, Blackbulb capturing some of the best musical entertainment from both Australia and around the world. Leaning up against the stage, and being able to give an up-close and personal view, to the spectators that paid hundreds to simply hear them. To see our photos, and hear people say "I was there"


Blackbulb Imagery prides itself on the thorough presence at these events, dedicating every effort to capture the moment and provide those that couldn't make it, an accurate representation of what they missed, and those that were there, a fresh reminder of how good that show really was.


Feel free to check out the below galleries, and contact us with any performing arts enquiries. 






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