Taking off the lens cap!

Updated: Mar 6

I thought it about the time I gave this blogging caper a go, and let you all in on a bit of the behind the scenes with the ins and out of all that is Blackbulb Imagery, i.e – Me.

I might even start a bit of behind the scenes stuff, a few of the preparational aspects I take into my mindset to best set the scene for both me and the rabbit warren that is my train of thought when I prepare for a shoot.

But isn’t photography just taking photos, putting filters on them and a sneaky watermark? I guess the comparative comes with being a pâtissier that just throws things in a bowl right to make a croquembouche? Sure. That easy hey?

One thing I’ve found through my time behind the camera, is that absolutely nothing I do is the same. Different people, personalities, shapes, sizes, confidences, desires, ambitions, and inspiration both personal and client. My background started in music and performing arts – a story for another blog – where I had no control over many of the aspects that have now made me have the individuality that I do now. Facets such as lighting, posing, angles, other photographers, crowds, and mainly timing. Bands don’t stop long enough to take your time, let alone pose. And I can assure you that a pole dancer can only hold an iron cross for a few seconds. All the basis for an adrenalin rush based on a combination of quick movements, and an eagle eye.

Anyway, I digress. Set up and preparation for each shoot whilst has a few similarities, has more variables. And it's a perfect opportunity to cater as many aspects as I can to the person I'm shooting. Or even the couple in many cases. Establishing clear, and understood guidelines is essential in all of this. It avoids awkward moments where you attempt poses people aren't comfortable with. Content I derive from the minds of whom I'm shooting. Dig out ideas, and inspirations that people love, what they love about themselves and what they're doing it for. Bounce back and forth for a bit, and put together an idea that gets us going. I even take my own inspiration from other talents. Plagiarism is absolutely a thing, but the skill in any artists is to use it as inspiration to guide you to your own product. Don't be boring and just copy, recreate, be inspired, and set your own standard. I mean that's my perception anyway. I believe it how I have developed the niche I have. I'm not the first person to shoot bodyscapes, nor will I be the last. I know that I am the only one that does it the way I do and creates the emotive connections I do.

As I hit play on the tunes, before the music starts I'll end this first blog here. I hope this has given you a slight insight into the sporadic mind that is me, and hope to see you back here again for the next venture.



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